Meet Blake

Blake Morris has lived in Ditmas Park for nearly 20 years.  

He is married with a teen daughter who attends Brooklyn Tech.  He has been a practicing attorney for almost 30 years.

Blake’s family has 19th century beginnings in Brooklyn, ranging from one grandfather’s coal delivery business to his maternal grandmother who would drag race teenagers on Eastern Parkway for extra income during the Depression era.

Blake is proud to say that well over a century later, his family still calls Brooklyn home.

Since the borough has nurtured his family for so long, Blake says he feels a connection with the past and a responsibility to ensure the vitality and prosperity of Brooklyn for future generations who will call this borough their home.  

For Blake, this campaign is about respecting the communities that comprise the 17th state Senate district. For far too long, most of District 17’s constituents have been completely disrespected by State Sen. Simcha Felder.

Sen. Felder seems to be under the impression that because he has not had an opponent since he was first elected in 2012, that he must be doing a good job for the people in this district.  That misperception has come to an end with my candidacy.

On Thursday, September 13, we are going to show everyone what this district’s voters really want.  The Republican majority in the state Senate is made possible by one man to the detriment of the entire state.  That man is Blake's opponent.  It is time for Simcha Felder to get out of our way. This district needs a new representative in the state Senate and that will be Blake Morris.

Blake made the decision to run for state Senate because he knows District 17 needs an elected representative who will actually represent all the people in the district, not just himself.

When we vote for a Democrat to represent us, we want a real democrat, not a Republican with a D next to his name.

Blake has thrown his hat in the ring because he knows that everything from much-needed funding for educating our children, the MTA, safe streets, affordable housing, and healthcare policies have very real affects on peoples’ lives. Blake believes that when our priorities are ignored in Albany, as they have been for the past six years, our public schools are shortchanged, rapid transit becomes unreliable, housing becomes unaffordable, healthcare costs becomes a substantial burden, and traffic snarled streets become unsafe for everyone.

Blake is running because he wants to bring true leadership to the people of state Senate District 17.  It’s time to take this senate seat back from a turncoat Democrat who makes his own rules and prides himself on being a self-described party of one. We’re not going to be democratic road kill any longer. The days of ignoring the voices of this community are in the past. Too much is at stake.  We need to clean up corruption in Albany and it starts with the Senate.  

Blake believes there are larger issues of corruption in Albany and Sen. Felder is a symptom, but real questions about the use of public resources that he intends to tackle as a senator and which he’s already begun to investigate as a private citizen, are at the forefront.  He’s been raising questions about the senate’s constituent mail budget allocations that range from $500 to $95,000.  Senator Felder weighs in with the second highest amount.

This is why Blake requested information regarding the use of public funds for constituent mailers., which include “Felder Focus,”  birthday and anniversary cards and parking calendars, all provided to you on the public’s dime. In April 2018, Blake was successful in getting a court to issue an order to deliver the previously secret constituent mail budget allocations. At the end of May, the state filed an appeal of this decision.

Blake is excited to work to improve the lives of New York families so we can all have affordable housing, healthcare and hope.  The kind of hope that provides for individual dignity and respect. We have a diverse and multi-cultural  state Senate district and Blake will represent all of us in Albany.

Come and be a part of #TeamBlake. It’s about time.