Fighting for Transparency

In February of this year, Blake noticed something worrying: some State Senators spending a significant amount more taxpayer money on mailing than others. In an attempt to uncover why this was the case, he filed a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) request seeking the Senate’s mail guidelines. These guidelines would include how taxpayer-funded mailing can be distributed, and how much money each senator is allocated.

Blake’s request for the FOIL request was denied. Blake was intent on exposing how taxpayer money was being spent, so he appealed the case until it reached the Albany County Supreme Court, where the court ruled in his favor.

The State Senate was ordered to reveal its mailing guidelines.

Blake suspected that some members of the Senate were using the mailers as a way to gain and maintain a political advantage, which was forbidden. After all, why would Senator Simcha Felder spend $67,177.50 on mailing, when other senators spent as little as 20,000?

Blake will bring this fight for a more transparent government to Albany.


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