A long-time community activist, Blake has been deeply committed to building a better New York for over 30 years.


Blake Morris is a real Democrat, not a Republican with a “D” next to his name, like Sen. Felder, the incumbent who was first elected in 2012. 


In the Trump era, it has never been more important to have a progressive state legislature to protect our values. New Yorkers can count on Blake Morris to give us that from day one and the Democratic state Senate we deserve.

In the state Senate, Blake Morris will fight to pass legislation Senator Felder and the Republicans continue to block: 

✓ Stronger Rent Laws for Tenants

✓ Supporting the DREAM ACT

✓ Real Campaign Finance Reform

✓ Single-Payer Health Care

✓ Common Sense Gun Control

In the News


State Dems seek to boot Sen. Simcha Felder from party, back his primary challenger

State Democrats on Wednesday evening passed a nonbinding resolution that would kick Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder out of the party for caucusing with the chamber's Republicans — and giving the GOP the majority. 


Editorial: No hiding mailing guidelines

How secretive is New York state’s government? Senate leaders fought a Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)  request that asked for copies of the written guidelines the Senate uses to allocate money to legislators for the mailing of written materials to constituents.


A loyal Democrat challenges Felder

Independent Democratic Conference leader Jeff Klein announced a deal this week that the IDC would rejoin the mainline Democrats in the state Senate. If Democrats win two state Senate special elections, set for April 24, Democrats would hold a technical majority of 32 seats. 

Get Involved

There are several ways to get involved in the Blake Morris campaign to put a true Democrat in the state Senate District 17 seat. We are looking for volunteers to sign up and  people to donate; and encouraging everyone eligible to vote in the September 13, 2018 primary See the map and boundaries for District 17 here


Information on how to register to vote; find a local polling place, primary and general election dates, and more. 


Help Blake Morris turn State Senate District 17 true blue by joining his campaign to help give the district a real choice in September


Every penny counts. And we are counting on the supporters of our district to help us reach the finish line.