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One More Thing Simcha Felder Wants To Block: His Primary Challenger

State Senator Simcha Felder is a Democrat from Brooklyn who gives Senate Republicans their one-seat majority. Felder, who has stymied New York City’s plastic bag fee, the New York Dream Act, and most recently the city’s school zone speed cameras, is now trying to block his opponent in the Democratic primary, attorney Blake Morris. (Gothamist, 8/3/18)


Where’s John? Senate Leader Flanagan Spent the Day NOT Working on Speed Cameras

And with two days before New York City’s speed cameras go dark, the State Senate did…nothing.

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan (R-Suffolk) spent Monday addressing “a number of things,” according to a spokesman, but not the issue of life-saving speed cameras, which will be turned off on July 25 if the Senate does not get back to work. (Streetsblog NYC, 7/23/17)


Who Will Better Represent This District – Simcha Felder or Blake Morris?

Blake Morris celebrated earlier this week with supporters outside the Avenue H subway stop in Midwood the 4,000 + signatures that put his name on the ballot in the September Democratic Primary as a challenger to Senator Simcha Felder, who represents Senate District 17 – Borough Park, Flatbush, Kensington, Mapleton, Midwood, Sheepshead Bay, and Sunset Park.

Felder, who runs across the party lines come election day, yet has been voting with Republicans since he was elected in 2012. Morris is the first Democrat to challenge him in 6 years. (Bklyner, 7/20/18)

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Skinner, Progressive Dems Move To Have Felder Excommunicated

One of Brooklyn leading progressive idealogues yesterday delivered a letter with over 20 signed affidavits from registered Democrats to Brooklyn Democratic Party chair Frank Seddio asking that State Sen. Simcha Felder (D) be removed from the Democratic party for his lack of sympathy and loyalty to the party. (Kings County Politics, 7/20/18)


State Senate Grinds To a Halt as Neither Party Can Make a Majority

Stalemate. Stymied. Stuck.

Any of the above describe the current state of play in the New York State Senate, where a raft of pending bills were set aside for a second straight day after it became evident that the ruling Republican majority could not muster the 32 votes to pass a bill — again because of the absence of a Navy-bound senator and the hairs-breadth division in chamber’s membership. (New York Times, 5/31/18)


Will Felder Kill a Common-sense Traffic Safety Program?

In their rush to flee Albany and run for re-election, will state legislators leave common-sense traffic-safety measures on the committee-room floor?

The city’s school-zone speed camera program is set to expire June 30 unless the Legislature acts. That is, unless state Sen. Simcha Felder (D-Brooklyn) drops his opposition. (New York Post, 5/30/18)


Seddio Says Felder Has Right To Remain Democrat

Kings County Democratic Party Chair Frank Seddio today blasted the state Democratic Party’s nonbinding resolution to kick State Sen. Simcha Felder (D-Midwood, Flatbush, Borough Park, Kensington, Sunset Park, Madison, Bensonhurst) out of the party for caucusing with the senate chamber Republicans and thus giving the GOP a razer thin majority. (Kings County Politics, 5/24/18)


State Dems Seek To Boot Sen. Simcha Felder from Party, Back His Primary Challenger

State Democrats on Wednesday evening passed a nonbinding resolution that would kick Brooklyn Sen. Simcha Felder out of the party for caucusing with the chamber's Republicans — and giving the GOP the majority.

The resolution says "Felder has repeatedly proven that he is not a true Democrat, but a political opportunist with no loyalty to the party, its platform or fellow Democrats." It calls on the Brooklyn county committee to boot him as registered Democrat. (New York Daily News, 5/23/18)


B82 and Why We Need Fast and Reliable Bus Service

Across the city, a part of the MTA’s and DOT’s plan to improve public transportation includes massively improving the quality of public bus service. Compared to fixing and expanding the subways, this offers a relatively inexpensive and quick way to provide a much better transit option to hundreds of thousands of daily bus riders. (Bklyner, 5/17/18)


Simcha Felder's State Senate Stronghold

For a district at the center of a political firestorm, New York state Senate District 17 is most often sleepy and pleasant. It is here where unique demographics and political arrangements have afforded shelter to one of the most powerful and – for Democrats – frustrating figures in New York politics since 2012: state Sen. Simcha Felder. (City & State New York, 5/7/18)

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Another Republican Is Leaving the State Senate, but Can Democrats Take the Open Seats?

After weeks of rumors, Long Island Republican Tom Croci made it official: He will be deploying with the U.S. Navy and will not seek a third term. (NY1, 5/2/18)

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Morris on State Party Focus: ‘It’s about Time’

The Democratic hopeful running in the primary against Sen. Simcha Felder said the state party’s leadership is “late to the game” in trying to find a candidate to run in the 17th Senate district. (State of Politics, 5/1/18)


Blake Morris Talks about His Primary Election against Simcha Felder      


Internet radio talk show interview. (Focus On Albany, 4/26/18)


Our View: Legislative Exemption from FOIL Is Two-faced       


Do as we say, not as we do.

This has been the prevailing attitude of New York state lawmakers for decades. (Lockport Union-Sun & Journal, 4/25/18)


Blake Morris Talks about His Primary Challenge against NYS Senator Simcha Felder


Internet radio talk show interview. (Focus On Albany, 4/9/18)


Simcha Felder Challenger Says Primary Race Will Test Orthodox Power in Brooklyn


The community activist mounting a challenge to State Senator Simcha Felder, a controversial legislator who is the one man standing between the Democrats and total control of Albany, said in an interview that the upcoming primary contest will test the power of Orthodox voters in Brooklyn. (The Forward, 4/9/18)


A Loyal Democrat Challenges Felder

Independent Democratic Conference leader Jeff Klein announced a deal this week that the IDC would rejoin the mainline Democrats in the state Senate. If Democrats win two state Senate special elections, set for April 24, Democrats would hold a technical majority of 32 seats. (City & State New York, 4/5/18)

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Blake Morris Challenges Simcha Felder

Even before he decided to run for office, Blake Morris had not been shy to criticize his primary opponent: State Senator Simcha Felder. Felder currently represents New York’s 17th Senate District, which includes Midwood, Sunset Park, Kensington, Borough Park and some of Bensonhurst. (Kings County Politics, 4/4/18)


Blake Morris Hopes To Unseat State Senator Simcha Felder 

While State Sen. Simcha Felder of the 17th senatorial district was delaying budget talks in Albany, Brooklyn resident, Democratic candidate Blake Morris (@BlakeMorris4NYS) was launching his own campaign to unseat the incumbent who governs Borough Park, Midwood, Kensington, Sunset Park and parts of Bensonhurst. (Bklnyer., 4/2/18)