etter First in the nation for the abuse of eminenent domain.  

Require all Mitchell-Lama apartments that leave the program to enter the rent stabilization program in NYC

Pass legislation to protect Rent-Controlled tenants from our exorbitant increases

Improve documentation of vacant housing and put it to use as affordable housing

Electronic database public accessible of rent stabilized of all occupied/subsidy 

Give tenants more information and better support and protections when they are mistreated or displaced by unscrupulous landlords 

Review the process by which co-op and condo sponsors to sell apartments that become vacant in converted buildings rather than rent them at unregulated rates

Encourage the prudent use of public pension funds to build affordable housing while protecting the interests of retirees

Fighting Corruption in Albany

Corruption has run rampant in Albany due to flawed campaign finance law. We must remedy these flaws and pass legislation in order to finally make Albany work for us, and not for special interests.

  • Close the corporate subsidiary and LLC loopholes. 
  • Establish a public financing program. 
  • Prohibit the use of campaign funds for personal or legal expenses.
  • Mandate full transparency of all tax dollars spent for all branches of government.

Speed Safety Cameras

We need to ensure that reckless drivers are held accountable to prevent senseless deaths.



Public Transportation

Our public transportation system is failing. We need to modernize our subway, bus, and rail systems. 

  • Meet the funding requests that the President of the MTA, Andrew Byford, recommends in order to modernize our train system.
  • Expand our rail lines, including building the X Line subway to connect every train line in Brooklyn and Queens.


Historically, New York has been a safe haven for those who are oppressed. We need to make sure it stays that way.

  • Pass the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA).
  • Set a positive example in our government in order to eliminate the air of harassment in Albany.

Voting Rights

Our state has some of the worst voting laws in the country. In a democratic bastion such as New York, we should be making it easier to vote, not harder.

  • Pass the Right to Vote Act, establishing early voting and no-excuse absentee voting in New York State.
  • Consolidate the state and federal primaries to June.
  • Create a truly independent redistricting commission with the goal of ending partisan gerrymandering.

Environmental Issues

We need to ensure that New York is a leader in the fight against climate change.

  • Encourage alternative transportation by investing in protected bike lanes. 
  • Expand environmentally friendly technology, like wind turbines, geothermal energy, and solar panels. 
  • Pass legislation preserving open spaces and wetlands.

Common Sense Gun Control

We need to enact common sense gun control in order to keep New Yorkers safe from senseless gun violence.

  • Expand background checks and close loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of those that wish to do harm to themselves or to others. 
  • Ban assault weapons in New York State. 
  • Mandate gun safety devices and microstamping.