Blake's Case for Speed Safety Cameras 

My opponent is the sole reason that New York City no ­longer has active speed safety cameras, as of July 25, 2018, or a speed safety camera bill. For one year, we had a pilot program to help protect our children. Speed cameras were installed in areas with schools, and only operated during school hours. They recorded cars that were going more than 10 miles over the speed limit, so someone going 30 or even 35 miles per hour would not be ticketed and fined. The fines were $50, and do not add points to your license. Most importantly, the camera pilot program showed that over 80 percent of drivers caught speeding never received another ticket, proving the effectiveness of the cameras. Despite all of this, my opponent refused, repeatedly, to let the speed camera bill out of the Cities Committee, of which he is the chairman. The bill had bipartisan support because it is so obviously a nonpartisan issue. But this school year, we will no longer have the speed cameras.