Why This Race Matters

This seat has implications far beyond District 17.

In the New York State Senate, the Republicans have the majority. But, there are 63 senators in total—32 Democrats and 31 Republicans—so, how do Republicans maintain the majority?

The answer: Simcha Felder.

Felder is a fake Democrat, a Democrat who was voted into office as a Democrat, but caucuses with the Republicans in the State Senate. This gives the Republicans their 32 vote majority.

Felder is represented by the light blue dot.

Felder is represented by the light blue dot.

Felder has been caucusing with the Republicans since he first entered office in 2012. He betrayed the voters that elected him as a Democrat. The worst part about this ordeal?

Felder has never had a Democratic challenger.

And in his time in the State Senate, Felder has been a key vote in blocking;

  • The New York Health Act

  • The New York Dream Act

  • Stronger tenant protections

  • Speed cameras in school zones

  • A state bill codifying Roe v. Wade

Felder is halting the progress of New York.

In these turbulent times, it is more important than ever to pass progressive legislation at the state level, to ensure rights and freedoms aren't taken away when they are repealed on the federal level. 

We need a state senator that will caucus with the Democrats. We need a state senator that will cfight for single-payer healthcare, for tenant protections, for a woman’s right to choose, for speed cameras to keep our children safe in school zones.

I promise to be that state senator.